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Course Overview

sup yoga1 SUP Yoga Teacher TrainingSUP stands for stand up paddle and is becoming the world’s fastest growing sport.

It is an excellent stand alone exercise providing a low impact workout, very effective for building core strength. It also offers an opportunity to be in the great outdoors, surrounded by water and the elements and all of the positive energy this provides.

The benefits of yoga are widely known and when combined with stand up paddling it offers the perfect blend of spirit, body and nature.

In a SUP Yoga class you swap your mat for a board and a sweaty studio for glassy seas and a cool ocean breeze. You perform asanas against a blissful ocean backdrop challenging your core and balance and enhancing your yoga practice, ending in savasana with nothing but the sound of the water lapping against your board to lull you into deep relaxation.

This SUP Yoga teacher training will offer 20 hours CEU from Yoga Alliance and will demonstrate your competence in handling a class of this nature to your prospective students.

The course is open to graduates of a 200 Yoga Teacher Training and is formulated to provide the student with complete confidence in teaching a SUP yoga class.

While such a unique practice often intrigues yoga instructors and many would like to teach it, in reality most feel overwhelmed with the practical considerations of how such a class actually works and runs smoothly in the unpredictable setting of the outdoors! However, in a warm and supportive environment we will explore all these details and leave students fully equipped and confident to call themselves SUP Yoga Instructors.

SUP Yoga is becoming wildly popular and in qualifying yourself to teach this novel practice you are really gifting yourself with a unique selling point and helping to spread the enjoyment of this wonderful and highly enjoyable way to practice yoga.

We invite you to come join us on this two day course. Be prepared to get wet, be prepared to have fun but most of all be prepared for an experience of a lifetime!

Course Content

sup yoga4 300x286 SUP Yoga Teacher TrainingDuring the two days of the course we will cover all theory and practice related to SUP Yoga.

During our theory sessions we will study:

  • The different types of boards available and what is and what isn’t suitable for SUP Yoga.
  • Equipment necessary for a SUP Yoga class.
  • Safety Considerations.
  • Coast Guard Rules.
  • How to anchor the boards during practice.
  • How to position your students.
  • Weather considerations.
  • Benefits of SUP Yoga.
  • Practical information to give your students to prepare them for class.

How SUP Yoga relates to the namas and niyamas, particularly ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence; we will learn how to teach our students to encourage their clients to live in harmony in the ocean and ways in which we can protect it.
Setting yourself up as a SUP Yoga instructor and how to market your classes effectively.

During our practical sessions we will:

  • Complete two SUP yoga classes in order to get an experience of such a class through the eyes of a student.
  • Learn paddling techniques.
  • Learn how to teach our students to stand, balance and paddle on the boards.
  • Learn and practice which asanas work the best on the boards.
  • Learn and practice how to modify certain asanas on the board.
  • Learn and practice how to build an effective sequence on the board.
  • Learn and practice different meditations and mantras particularly with the ocean setting in mind.
  • Each student will get the opportunity to teach a segment of a SUP yoga class to help build their confidence in this ocean setting.

Who Is This Course For?

sup yoga2 SUP Yoga Teacher TrainingThis course is for graduates of a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified training with Santosha or from another school.

It is necessary to undertake this course that you are a confident swimmer and a sense of adventure will also be an advantage!

It is not necessary that you are an experienced paddle boarder to take this course. SUP is surprisingly easy to master and by the end of our course you will be a confident paddler. However, if you are able to practice before taking the course it will help you feel more confident during your asana practice and so is advisable.

A CPR/first aid certificate is also strongly recommended.

Why Our Course Is Unique

sup yoga3 300x225 SUP Yoga Teacher TrainingSantosha is the first school to offer a SUP Yoga certification outside of the Americas!

Santosha is one of only five schools to offer a SUP Yoga course certified by Yoga Alliance in the whole world!

Santosha’s SUP yoga course is very comprehensive and specifically designed with the whole 8 limbs of yoga in mind offering you a well rounded holistic experience.

Santosha offers two complete SUP Yoga classes as part of the course.

About Your Teacher

Chantal Crinquand

photo 263x300 SUP Yoga Teacher TrainingSUP Yoga Specialist + Senior Yoga Teacher

Chantal has been practising Yoga for nine years. Her love of Yoga and the ocean has brought her to a natural path of fusing Stand Up Paddleboard and Yoga. Chantal currently lives in Australia running a water sports school, teaches SUP Yoga and continues to provide counselling a few hours a week.

A registered mental health nurse and counsellor, Chantal has had many years of helping people deal with the challenges of living in this modern world. Becoming more involved in Yoga over time, Chantal saw the correlation between nurturing the body and soul in Yoga and mental health therapy. She took this to the water by applying Yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard whilst focusing on mindfulness of the ocean and it’s therapeutic benefits.

Having lived in many places around the world, including third world countries, her love of different cultures and people has gifted Chantal with a deep sense of compassion for others. It was a natural progression for her to become a nurse and yoga teacher and share her talents and professional experience to help others experience a state of mental health and wellbeing.

Chantal is excited to be part of the Santosha Team and looks forward to seeing you all on the board soon!

Your Next Steps

Please enquire to receive the “Practical Information” doc for further information. It will be held in the breathtaking location of Sanur, Bali.

If you have any questions at all or are ready to secure your place please


If you like hundreds of happy students before you know that this is for you then take action today and secure your place now as we keep the numbers on the training small so as to create a more intimate personal experience.

June 25 2015, Bali

Option 1: Secure My Place

(AUD$350 Deposit)

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* Remaining course investment due 7 days prior to the start of your training

Option 2: The Whole Enchilada

(AUD $590)

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We hope you can join us for a yoga experience unlike any other

Oceans of love,
Sunny and the entire Santosha Family

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