Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are books and materials included in the price of the training?
A: No. You must purchase these books prior to the course. The only supplied and included material is the Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Student Manual. The student manual will be handed out on the first day of the course. You will be able to find other books online (Amazon.com, for example) and more than likely you can find some, if not all, secondhand. It is your responsibility to acquire your books.  All other supporting materials can be found in the Log-In section, it is your responsibility to download and print these materials, if you choose to. Please let us know if you need assistance with this process.

Q: Will I need to bring all the books listed on the required list?
A: No. The only compulsory book to bring to a YTT  is Ray Long – The Key Muscles of Yoga.  We will email you and let you know which books to bring and which can be left at home for future reference and reading.

Q: Do I need to purchase books on the suggested reading list?
A: No, these books have been chosen as helpful references that you may wish to have in your library, but they are not required.

Q: Will I be accepted into the 200 Hr YTT program?
A: Yes. Santosha believes that all people are deserving of changing their lives. Subsequently, the only prerequisite is a sincere desire in your heart to change not only your life, but the lives of others.

Q: When will I find out if I have been admitted into the YTT 300hr program?
A: After you submit your completed teacher training application and Sanotosha has determined how many hours you have attained in each area of the teacher training we will contact you and inform you if you are required to complete any additional hours prior to attending the 300 Hr course. Yoga Alliance guiding standards require 450 contact hours in order to receive a 500 Hr status. Santosha is ethically committed to ensuring that we follow these guidelines. If you simply wish to attend the 300hr so that you can deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga, the all you are required to do is let us know and the process will be fast! There is no pre requisite if the latter is the case.

Q: How proficient in yoga do you have to be to do the program?
A: The Santosha Intensive Teacher Training programs include asana practise every morning, and possibly during the day. We strongly recommend that applicants have some form of an asana practise and are relatively comfortable practicing daily. If you have just taken up yoga you may need to give yourself a few months practice in order  to benefit from the training. That said, if you have a regular yoga practise you may be more ready than you think. We are looking for trainees with a foundation in the basics. An advanced practitioner is not necessarily a person who can move deeply into advanced postures; an advanced practitioner is someone who comes to the mat with a level of maturity, a willingness to learn and an understanding of the limits of their own body. Keep in mind that this program is not only for aspiring teachers but for people who want to deepen their practise. For those who are not looking to teach then we do suggest some form of practice so you may be able to get more from the Training. For students wishing to seek a deeper understanding and take their practice to a more advanced level then Santosha does not have any pre-requisites.

Q: How many students are enrolled in each Teacher Training at one time? What is the typical age range/gender of the participants?
A: We usually do not take any more than 35 students, sometimes this includes part-time students and scholarship students. Our focus is quality, not quantity. However keep in mind that this number can change if a situation arises  with the course. Students generally range from 18 to 65 years of age. We have both male and female students from varied cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Yoga is for everyone.

Q: Do I need to have any other qualifications to be accepted into the program?
A: No. To participate in our  Yoga Teacher Training Programs, you must complete an application, read all terms and conditions, and sign the indemnity form and ethical guidelines on registration day.

Q: What if I miss a class?
A: To obtain a diploma and letter of completion, you must attend 100 percent of the classes to comply with Yoga Alliance requirements. However, we understand that you may not be able to foresee every situation and understand that events happen. We will support you on all levels so that you can meet the requirements and attain the certification.

Q: How much time should I expect to spend on homework?
A: Expect to spend between 8 to 10.5 hours per week on written assignments and class observations. There will be other assignments given during the course that can take up to 20 hours in total. However, some assignments may be completed before the commencement of your course. The homework is designed to support the material covered in class and help you integrate what is presented into your own practise and teaching. If you are not planning on teaching after this course, you may choose not to complete all of the homework assignments and take the course for no credit. However, if you wish to receive your Diploma and Letter of Completion for the course, you must attend all the sessions and complete all the homework assignments.

Q: Do you help organize accommodation if I choose to stay elsewhere?
A: No, but we can point you in the right direction and help you to the best of our ability.

Q: What is the Yoga Alliance?
A: Yoga Alliance is an organization that was started in 1999 as a way to create nationally recognized standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings. More and more yoga studios across the world are requiring their teachers to register with Yoga Alliance, either at the 200 or 500 hour level. Yoga Alliance registration, however, is not a legal requirement for teaching yoga. Currently there are no legal certification requirements to be a yoga teacher.

Q: Will I be qualified to teach yoga once I complete the Yoga Teacher Training Program?
A: Yes! With the successful completion of all the requirements of the program, including contact hours, homework, and exam, you will receive a Letter of Completion and Diploma evidencing your Yoga Teacher Training. You may also choose to register with the Yoga Alliance under their REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER (RYT) program and note a student from Santosah is an  APPLICANTS WHO HAS GRADUATED FROM  A REGISTERED YOGA SCHOOL (RYS).


Of course if you attended the course for deepening your own knowledge and practice then you would not have been awarded the YTT Certificate but rather the Certificate of Attendance.

Santosha will provide you will all necessary information for the process of this form during the YTT!

Q: What is Santosha Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Certification?
A: Upon successful completion of the Santosha Intensive 200/300/500 hour YTT and/or Post/Pre Natal and Children’s YTT trainees will receive a Santosha diploma as an acknowledgment.

Trainees will also receive their Yoga Alliance registration at a corresponding 200 Hr YTT or 500 Hr YTT Certification (RYT200- RYT500 ). Upon application, review and payment to Yoga Alliance you will be a RYT.

Post/Pre Natal and Children’s YTT trainees will have to complete additional hours in order to register with Yoga Alliance for certification from Yoga Alliance as RCYT or RPYT. However, you can still teach with your Santosha certification.

Please see the Yoga Alliance website for all details and conditions: www.yogalliance.org. Yoga Alliance Certification offers the added benefit of a listing on their website and the recognition of a national certifying body.

Q: Will I have free time during the program?
A: Yes. Many participants use their spare time for reading, surfing, running, laughing, being with new friends, studying, and preparing for exams.

Q: I follow a different spiritual path (or I don’t have a spiritual path). Will this be a problem for the training?
A: No. Our tradition respects and honors all paths. Yoga will and can only deepen your own spirituality.

Q: Is continuing education required to keep my certification?
A: We feel that continuing education is extremely important, and inspiring as well. Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) must complete continuing education hours every three years to maintain their registration and continue to grow their yoga knowledge and teaching skills. Please see the Yoga Alliance website for all details and conditions: www.yogalliance.org.

Q: What kind of support can I receive after my training?
A: All our graduates are welcome to continue to contact us for guidance and support. Please see our forum to connect with teachers and other students. Go to the events page to see what’s coming up:


Q: Does Santosha have students that require a translator during the YTT?
A:Yes, typically we have a number of students that require translation during the course. We sometimes have up to half of our YTT’s that are Japanese students. Santosha has found that this provides a wonderful opportunity for both Japanese and other students to practice stillness of mind and absorbing information.

Q: How does Santosha choose a Translator?
A: Santosha selects Translators from a wide range of abilities of previous learning experiences that they possess. Our translators must possess a strong sense of self, and have confidence to handle the demands of the position, understand the role of the position, feel comfortable with travelling and being away from home for over a month. We provide a remuneration package for our Japanese translators so that we are indeed providing an opportunity for those who wish to apply. By doing this, Santosha can keep the YTT prices down for all students and can maintain our non-greed foundation.

Q: How can I keep up with all relevant information for all the different YTTs and relevant terms and conditions, and exact teachers teaching on the different YTTs?
A: Please refer to the PRACTICAL INFORMATION DOCUMENT as this will have all up to date information that you need to read before you attend a Santosha YTT. This document is sent out to you when you first apply to Santosha.

Q: Will I have a life changing experience?
A: Yes. Be prepared for a magical odyssey.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

Q: What happens if I am unable to finish the online course in the required 12 months?
A: We understand that sometimes situations occur that may prevent you from completing the course within the 12month period. Upon written request extension may be granted.

Q: What happens if I fail the online teacher training?
A: Exam: you can re-sit this at any time

Video: you can resubmit your video after a 14 day time period.

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