Santosha Prenatal & Postnatal + Children & Teens

Posted by in Santosha News | May 06, 2014

Santosha Pre Post Natal Childrens 230802 001 Santosha Prenatal & Postnatal + Children & TeensWe asked one of our beautiful students, mid-wife Kerrie Adams, to share her experiences on the Santosha PPNCT. Since the training Kerrie has gone on to start her own business offering education, support and yoga service for mamas to be and new mamas. Giving back to the community – and making Santosha very proud! Read what Kerrie has to say here…

“I attended the PPNCT in April this year following the 200 hour YTT. I can’t express enough in words really what the pregnancy and women’s health component of this course gave to me as a new yoga teacher and experienced midwife. It was really informative and educational. The content was accurate and concise in detailing the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant woman and how the body changes. lt was enough for any yoga teacher to safely teach pregnant women and the clearly explained breath work has enhanced my knowledge greatly both for yoga teaching and ongoing midwifery practice. There was clear detail and attention paid to the mechanics of pelvic floor muscles, which is important to all women in their whole life journey as well as pregnancy and new motherhood.

Furthermore the course encouraged creativity, to act, move and think like a pregnant woman or new mother, in order to realise what this might be like during a yoga class and more importantly in this amazing yet intense journey the woman is experiencing. Doing this course is an opportunity for any yoga teacher to gain the skills to give women breath work, coping skills, alleviate some of their fears and expectations whilst affirming positivity as they embark on the biggest adventure of their entire lives. The principles of which can be carried forwards through the motherhood continuum and into later life.

The children’s and teens part of this programme offered an insight into how we can incorporate yoga into family life and by starting at a young age we can promote compassion and kindness in the future generations of the world. Life is sometimes stressful and by introducing mindfulness from early on we can help individuals to feel connected, improve self esteem and cope better with challenges in life. This is also a fun part of the course as you can let your creativity open up to the lovely world of children as they truly live in the moment.

I am so grateful to Sunny and the Santosha Team for the teachings on both the YTT 200 and the PPNCT. Through these courses the opportunities in life have truly opened for me to be able to give back to the community. Not only this but my yoga practice as a whole not just asana has become well informed and the spiritual practice has a much deeper foundation. When you have this you can truly give back and what could be more beautiful and connected than that….”

Kerrie Adams, Sydney

Kerrie and gang 300x210 Santosha Prenatal & Postnatal + Children & TeensKerrie (left) relaxing with two of our other gorgeous April students Tracey and Kory in Canggu hotspot “Old Mans”!

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