Karma Yoga, the gift of service to others

Posted by in Santosha News | October 30, 2014

One of our 2014 200 hour yoga Teacher Training grads Mel wrote to us recently from Cambodia, where she is working as a yoga teaching volunteer, offering daily classes in a women’s centre. We thought we’d share it with you on the blog, as it really shows the incredible value of being of service to others… and is a great example of one of the many unexpected places a yoga teacher training may take you! I don’t think even Mel had any idea she would end up in Cambodia when she began this journey….

image 300x296 Karma Yoga, the gift of service to others

Little did I know that  one month in Bali would change my life in a big way for the better. Becoming a yoga teacher didn’t end when the course finished…. each day I am continuing to learn and gain new knowledge and have  beautiful experiences in the yogi world.

Not only have I made a beautiful spiritual family some of whom we still speak everyday I have set a solid foundation in my life a regular practise the keeps me grounded wherever I am in the world. Whether you want to do the 200 hour training to expand your mind on yoga or become a teacher –  there is no way you will walk away without it making a huge positive impact on your life.

 Karma Yoga, the gift of service to others

After practising for many years the next natural step was to become a teacher, and since doing the course I have been teaching back in Australia and now embarked on an international journey to gain experience and share some love & prana (energy) that yoga has gifted to me. I created a profile on yoga jobs abroad, and my first step was again Bali, teaching at an orphanage.

After one month I then found myself in Cambodia teaching at a women’s centre, sharing yoga and light with these beautiful humans who find a sanctuary in their daily practice of yoga. No matter what situation or where they have come from that has lead them to the centre, the yoga classes are such a big part of their transformation and I’m so happy I am helping in this process and gaining experience at the same time. Karma yoga is definitely so important – I am learning so much about the gift of service to others, the course has lead me to change my life, enlightened my thoughts and encourages me to lead with heart the journey has just begun!

xoxo Mel

image1 296x300 Karma Yoga, the gift of service to others


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